Phone Scam – Wichita KS Area – December 2016

The Wichita FBI is warning area residents about a phone scam in the area.
The caller claims to be US Marshall Joe Rice, and tells the person answering the phone that they have failed to report for jury duty, and now owe a fine. The caller states that unless a payment is sent, an arrest warrant will be issued for the individual. The caller instructs the individual on how to provide payment. The callers on occasion have attempted to “legitimize” these scams by referencing specific information pertaining to the victim.
If you receive this call, or a similar call, hang up. Do not pay the individual money.
The US Marshall’s Office does not make calls of this nature.
This is a scam – do not be fooled.

InfraGard Interface KC Conference

Attended the Insight KC 2016 Security Conference today hosted by InfraGard. Great information on new cyber based threat trends, such as Ransomware; as well as methods and tools to mitigate these threats and risks – for both businesses and individuals. 

Cyber threats are a serious problem in the country, and affect hundreds of thousands of people every day. Many of these new threats are state sponsored, by countries such as North Korea, China, and Russia.

The Insight KC conference was by invitation – open only to active InfraGard members.

For more information on InfraGard, see their website at

More info on the conference can be found at their page Insight KC Conference.