Help Us

Our mission is a project of passion and desire to help those senior citizens and their families who are targeted and preyed upon. When our founder, Jeffrey Westeman, helped a family member whose elderly parents had been scammed, he was shocked at the level of sophistication and the degree of intimidation the scammers used. Westeman was horrified thinking about the number of other senior citizens who had suffered similar losses.

The family of the elderly couple he had helped encouraged Westeman to start the Stop Senior Thefts Project – noting most families don’t have someone to turn to for support, especially with a background in technology, security, and law enforcement.

And so the project was initiated.

How can you help? We’re glad you asked. We need the following:

  • Social Networking – tell people about us; share our story, our passion, and our mission. Many years ago, at a Department of Homeland Security Summit our founder attended, someone told him that “it takes a network to defeat a network.” Although the topic at the DHS Summit was terrorism, the same statement rings true for many offenders of elder financial abuse.
  • Information – the more information we have about financially abused seniors and the methods and techniques used – the more we can help prevent others from the same fate.
  • Financial – we need resources in the form of financial donations, sponsorships, or investments.
  • Legal – we need support from legal experts on setting up the Stop Senior Thefts Project as a non-profit, and creating various other contractual documents to cover the support we are providing to seniors and their families.
  • Time – we can always use help with content creation for the website, social media announcements, educational handouts, fundraising, and contacting organizations to setup educational seminars.

For more information on the services we provide, please visit our How We Help page.

If you need assistance, would like to schedule an educational seminar, or would like to help our project, please contact us.

Additional resources for elder financial fraud can be found here.