One of our primary objectives is providing information in a manner that empowers the senior citizen and their family to Stop Senior Thefts.

Our website is designed to provide communications on the latest methods of theft by strangers, such as the telemarketer and cyber thief, with information such as:

  • Technical tips to secure your computer
  • Recommended changes in your social networking presence
  • Cyber phishing – such as malware and viruses
  • Social hacking
  • How to identify devious snail mail
  • Scam phone calls and “Just Say No and Click It”

One of the tools of the telemarketing and cyber thief is social networking. We are using these tools AGAINST the thieves.

Our Educational seminars are designed for multiple tracks to support the various stakeholders of senior theft, such as families, law enforcement, financial institutions, care providers, and medical professionals. These seminars provide the attendees with information on the types of thieves, the warning signs and indicators of elder financial abuse, and what to do next – all with the various legal aspects in mind, such as banking and privacy laws.

By empowering all these stakeholders with facts and specific identifiers, we hope to stop the theft and exploitation of senior citizens by the various individuals who prey on the elderly.

If you need assistance, would like to schedule an educational seminar, or would like to help our project, please contact us.

Additional resources for elder financial fraud can be found here.