What We Do

Stop Senior Thefts provides hands-on, one-on-one engagement and empowerment, as well as educational seminars specifically for seniors and their families, as well as other stakeholders, such as financial institutions, medical professionals, and law enforcement agencies.

We take a proactive and preventive approach by providing senior citizens, their families, and care providers:

  • Educational Seminars on how to identify scams and what to do to protect yourself or a loved one
  • Instructions on how to limit or prevent con artists from gaining access to the senior citizen
  • Social Networking alerts on current fraud warnings – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Discussion groups and forums for individuals to share information related to their experience with elder financial abuse
  • In Home Expertise to families without the ability to take the necessary measures to prevent access by scammers. This support is ideal for families who do not live in the same area as their loved one, but need someone to help
  • Monitoring of senior citizens to ensure their financial interests are secure. Again, this support alternative is a favorite for families who are separated by distance

If a senior citizen has already been victimized, the chances of it happening again are very high. Current day telemarketing con-artists are very sophisticated – they actually sell contact information to other scammers – with the sale price based on the value already stolen. Once the victim is on the list, they will continue to be contacted, even if phone numbers and email addresses are changed. For an example of what can happen, read our history section.

For those already victimized, we provide:

  • Investigation support on how the senior was scammed and who stole the money
  • Liaison support with local law enforcement
  • Instructions on how to limit or prevent the senior citizen from future theft
  • For seniors or their families without the ability to take the necessary measures, we can provide in home assistance
  • For families separated by distance, we can setup monitoring of the senior citizens to ensure their financial interests are secure

For financial institutions, medical professionals, and law enforcement agencies, we provide:

  • Educational Seminars on various scams and methods used to perpetrate crimes against the elderly, indicators, questions to ask, actions to take, and resource information they can provide to the victim on how to safeguard against future theft
  • We can provide liaison support between the various organizations, the victim and their families

For more information on the services we provide, please visit our How We Help page.

If you need assistance, would like to schedule an educational seminar, or would like to help our project, please contact us.

Additional resources for elder financial fraud can be found here.