Who We Are

The Stop Senior Thefts Project was founded in 2015 by Jeffrey Westeman, a Technology and Security expert in Wichita, Kansas.

A single event prompted the project: a family member asked Westeman to look into what appeared to be a scam of her elderly parents. After getting involved, Westeman was shocked at the level of sophistication used to scam the couple, who were in their 80s. For weeks, he talked with the scammers, impersonating a senior citizen, to gain more information about the offenders, their methods, and practices. The scammers, all offshore, operated as a business, with intelligent processes, time-based flow, and clever, mature social and psychological methods.

Once the scam had been stopped, the family encouraged Westeman to start the project – noting most families don’t have someone to help, especially with a background in technology, security, and law enforcement.

Before starting the project, Westeman spent over 20 years at a large aerospace organization, with leadership and hands-on responsibilities that included the organization’s technical and physical security. In this capacity, Westeman led dozens of internal investigations of both criminal and employment policy violations, as well as company-related external investigations – working very closely with local law enforcement. Westeman has been a Police Officer (Res) in Kechi, Kansas since 2010.

Westeman has provided training to thousands of individuals, including police officers, detectives, and investigators; and has been a frequent speaker at various professional organizations.

Westeman is the project’s principal; but, when necessary, the organization engages other experts in various fields, including medical, financial, law enforcement, and legal.

For detailed information on what initiated the Stop Senior Thefts Project, please read our History page.

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