Who We Help

When elder financial abuse occurs, there are various stakeholder groups that may be involved:

  • the senior citizen
  • their family
  • a care provider
  • financial institutions
  • medical professionals
  • law enforcement

Our in-person Educational Seminars are uniquely designed for the individual group – providing empowering information on indicators of elder financial abuse and what to do if it happens.

We also provide one-on-one Engagement with the various groups on specific incidents of criminal fraud against a senior citizen.

Although there are many stakeholders involved, our primary focus is always on the welfare of the senior citizen.

Financial victimization can result in a loss of self-respect, a risk to independence, a violation of security, and a great deal of psychological distress. Older persons who are victimized lose assets accumulated over a lifetime; and have limited opportunities to recover from financial losses due to limited employment options, retirement, or physical or cognitive disabilities.

When working directly with senior citizens, our focus is to provide engagement, education, and empowerment to the individual and their families, in a respectful manner; but always with the senior’s overall welfare in mind.

In some cases, the realization that a senior citizen has been financially abused is also an indication of health related conditions that may be present, making the senior more susceptible to fraud. It is this cognitive impairment that makes them a target for repeated victimization. For example, current day telemarketing con-artists are very sophisticated – they actually sell contact information to other scammers – with the sale price based on the value already stolen. Once the victim is on the list, they will continue to be contacted, even if phone numbers and email addresses are changed. For an example of what can happen, read our history section.

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